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Our Process

Digital processing in real time, using common place, camera enabled, processors to determine when visible smoke is present at the scene. Faster than most household smoke detectors, on average.



Data Extraction

Our algorithms extract information from still pictures and video data



Data Analyzing

The algorithm makes an informed decision based on the extracted features



Smoke Alarm

Once smoke has been detected and confirmed, the app will sound an alarm and send a mobile notification


Software Features

Faster Detection

The Smoke Detective software is faster than conventional smoke detectors on average.

Imaging Detection

Once activated, the Smoke Detective app uses your smart device’s camera to detect smoke using image detection software.

Easy Controls

Simply press the start button and place your device camera up to begin monitoring. When done, press the button again to stop.

Travel Safe

With the Smoke Detective app, never be without a smoke detector again. Whether at home or away, Smoke Detective is with you wherever you stay!


About Smoke Detective

Smoke Detective has developed and patented a soon-to-be industry standard technological platform that will turn any camera-enabled smart device into a smoke detector without the need for calibration or additional hardware. Our software is a visual based smoke detection system designed to work on the device, in the cloud, or at the central station.

Our Goals

  • Dramatically Increase the number of working smoke detectors by enabling existing video cameras and other camera enabled smart devices to monitor for smoke
  • Make current monitoring systems more efficient and accurate. A human watching a single video monitor for more than twenty minutes loses 95% of their ability to maintain the needed attention to discern significant events such as the presence of smoke. Many facilities have dozens or even hundreds of cameras; we believe Smoke Detective can help make your existing security protocol more efficient and effective.
  • Reduce the trauma caused by fires, once finalized Smoke Detective plans to give the basic Smartphone app away for free, dramatically increasing the number of smoke detectors and as a result, reducing fire losses.

Many Thanks

We would like to thank all of the organizations that have helped us. We would not be here without them.

  • Albemarle/Charlottesville Fire and Rescue
  • County of Allegheney Fire department
  • Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company No. 2
  • Unmatched LLC



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If you would like to learn more or are interested in helping making this technology become a reality, we would love to hear from you.